Wills and Probate Law:

No other area of practice allows a lawyer to provide comfort and peace of mind for his clients in a short period of time. Whether I am helping a client prepare for the future and protecting their assets for their families or I am helping a client through the grieving process, the opportunity to be of service is immediate and rewarding.

My will practice primarily includes the preparation of Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney to ensure that your property will be managed as you desire in the event of your disability and distributed after your death according to your wishes. My forms are constantly under revision to make them readable. Although wills are relatively simple to create, about half of all Americans die without one. Wills are not just for the rich; the amount of property you have is irrelevant. A will ensures that what assets you do have will be given to family members or other beneficiaries that you designate at a minimal cost.

A Living Will (Directive to Physicians) is a separate document that lets your family members know the type of medical care you do or don't want to receive. Medical Powers of Attorney (Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care) designate the person or persons to work with your doctor and other health care professionals. Both become effective only when you cannot express your wishes yourself. These are usually included with the Will Preparation.

Probate is the process of making your wishes known after your death and facilitating the settlement of all of your affairs. There are many avenues for this purpose and we always begin with the simplest procedure available for each client to settle the Estate. The majority of cases never require the filing of a formal inventory and appraisement. I utilize pre and post death planning, Affidavits of Heirship, Small Estate Affidavits and Orders, Probate of Wills as a Muniment of Title and Family Settlement Agreements to complete the process as expeditiously as the law allows. If necessary I can assist in fully administering complex estates and in litigating will contests and fiduciary claims.